Jan Verwoert: Why are conceptual artists painting again?

What is the future of medium-specific practices after Conceptualism? What is the future of Conceptual Art after the 1990s? How have the basic conditions of art practice changed and what words and models could we use to open up the potentials at the heart of these developments in art after Conceptualism?

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Message from the library

November 25, 2008 - 16:10 -- admin

When you use books in the library, please place them on one of the trolleys afterwards. Books that are incorectly placed on the shelves are hard to find again for you, for us and for other users.

UBiT/Biblioteket ved Kunstakademiet
Gisle Jonsson

Poster for Open Day

so far 3 entries received. Just wonder if there is more ideas and energy left in these grey days of Trondheim? If you have sketches or drawings you could just scan and send us. If you feel like less experienced working with layouts, fots, Do not bother - just send us RAW material and we do our best to fix it.

ALL "studenter" and "ansatte" are highly encouraged to send their entries until SUNDAY midnight.

Looking forward
nu & gu

just got letter from Ida asking to clear things (see bellow), so would like just to confirm the plan for the POSTER and FLYER production:


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