KiT alumni Martin Palmer exhibits: MOOUND Martin Palmer in the collection after Roar Wold, Wold Visningsrom, 15.02.20-23.02.20

Working from within a system of accelerated circulation of information - where data, stories and images cross borders like rumors that expand and contract in function of their site of emergence, are confirmed or inferred depending on their relations - the artist carves out a new potential "mediatisation". From simple slippages of context to transformative operations that act on the object themselves, each artist adopts specific methods of representation.

Martin Palmer works with the veracity of archives and the staging of history through archivalism. He is concerned with tensions between collective and subjective memory, intuition, and the meeting point between fiction, reality and chance in historicity. At Wold Visningsrom, he presents the result of his meeting with parts of the collection and archive after the well-known Trondheim artist Roar Wold (1926-2001). The project takes form as a spatial installation and text, inviting the audience to reflect on a lifework in new light.

Vernissage Saturday 15.02.20 kl. 14–17
Open 16.02.20: 12–15 22.03.20: 14–17 23.02.20: 12–15 and by appointment.

Wold Visningsrom, Strandvegen 96, Trondheim.

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Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
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Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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