A maze of braided channels

January 19, 2019 - 18:35 -- Linnpaa

Popup exhibition and audiovisual concert at Gallery KIT.

Welcome to a meditative and slow universe where nature and art in different constallations meet hypnotic dream-pop and ambient post rock sounds, delivered beautifully by the Danish band ilt.

llt was formed in 2018 by singer Mikkel Konyher, drummer Troels Dankert and bass player Piotr Fronek. They write, record, produce and mix everything by them selves and in May 2018, ilt released their single Astral. Their self-produced debut-EP "Omni Found" was released the 23rd of November 2018. Mikkel, Piotr and Troels has a trash-rock background with their old band LSD on CIA that released two critically acclaimed albums and toured with british goth-rock legends Sisters of Mercy and shared stages with the likes of The Prodigy, Franz Ferdinand and Faith No More. Live visuals by Mina Paasche.

A maze of braided channels is opening on Friday the 22nd at 19:00 concert at 22:00.

The exhibition is open Saturday and Sunday from 12-16.

Poster artwork: “Mountains with old looser”, Watercolor on paper by Tomek Ebert.

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