Presentation by Anne-Gro Erikstad

06.02.2014 - 10:00 to 13:00
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Anne-Gro Erikstad will present the project City Projects/ Deep Sites, a new project in LevArt that will run through 2014. Recently the many wooden buildings in Levanger have been protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway, and the city center is now considered a cultural environment of national interest, pursuant to the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. At a time when history and cultural heritage are receiving considerable hype and are gaining political importance at an international level, the project aims to adress the ‘cultural environment of the centre of Levanger’, both as a geographically defined area with a ‘deep history’, layers of meaning and silences, and as an imaginary and agonistic space; the place as cultural heritage. I will talk about some of the ideas that underlies this project, as well as previous work in LevArt and some thoughts and experiences about running an art agency in a local place.

Anne-Gro Erikstad is a freelance curator and the manager of LevArt ( Erikstad studied art at ENSBA, the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, and creative curating at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Foto: LevArt, Fotograf Monica A. Svorstøl

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