Talking Heads

14.09.2018 - 09:00
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Time-based art
BFA 1st year
BFA 2nd year
BFA 3rd year

Prof. David Rych,
Prof. Jeremy Welsh,
Senior Engineer Eivind Furre Vedlog,

The course explores artistic formats, which put the speaking subject in the centre of the frame.

From experimental video art and taped performance, to documentary formats, to online performances and tutorials - the filmic framing common to a journalistic approach has often been used to paraphrase the conventions of television, but also to adhere to the confrontational setting. The talking head establishes a direct axis with the viewer - eventually the subject is gazing back.
Since artists started to engage with moving images, the dialogue between camera and subject has continued being the framework of consideration, to deal with questions of presence, authenticity and manipulation.

A syllabus for the course will be distributed during the first session in September.

Image Credit: Installation shot featuring video work by Songül Boyraz (Photo credit: David Rych)

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