Sands Murray-Wassink is planning a sort of performance presentation of his work up until now…He will focus on subtle (queer / gay / homosexual / cross-trans) gender and sexuality and identity shifts and mood swings (especially depression as a theme), as well as heavily and intuitively on his inspiration from feminist art (especially 70’s feminist art in North America) and relationships / alliances with female artists of various generations.
As long as Sands has lived in Amsterdam / Europe, 15 years, he can’t kick feminism and feminist art and theory of this period and location out of his head heart mind body…he’s interested in responding to and balancing the work done in this period. The functions of nakedness and personal thought / intellect-as-theory, especially for gay men and for himself, and the function of aesthetics connected to social change will hopefully also be explored. It will not only be what is said and shown on / at this moment of the presentation, but how that affects you as a viewer / participant and the aftereffects which Sands sees as significant.
Personal emancipation is the key, and this includes expressionistic behaviours in art…Interest in the function of role models and art as a way of life and belief system will inform the presentation. Hopefully there will also be chance for some dialogue with the audience…

Image Credit:
Sands Murray-Wassink with "Hannah Wilke: Intra Venus Series (Marilyn)" (1992-1993).
Image taken in Lothringer 13 Staedtische Kunsthalle Muenchen, Munich, by Adela Demetja in 2008.
Thanks to Donald and Helen Goddard and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York City.

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