Guest lecture by Yvonne P Doderer

Since 30th of September 2010, the so called “Black Thursday”, when police used water canons and tear gas against a peaceful and approved demonstration made up of school children, youths and elder people who were protesting against the railway and real-estate project Stuttgart 21 and asked for more investment in education, the city of Stuttgart became well-known even internationally. There were over 300 people injured, some seriously.

This escalation was the motivation to produce the exhibition project The Art of Not Being Governed Like That* refering in its title to Michel Foucault, which will be introduced and discussed in this lecture.

*The exhibition was shown at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart / 28.11.2010 - 09.012011, and a reworked version is shown at DOX Centre of Contemporary Art in Prague until 02.01. 2012

About Prof. Dr. Yvonne P Doderer
Yvonne P Doderer is an architect, urban researcher and Professor for Cultural Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf /Germany. She also runs the „Office of Transdisciplinary Research and Cultural Production“ in Stuttgart / Germany. Her projects and research focus on the linkage of urban/spatial theories, gender, culture and contemporary art

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