Guest Lecture & Workshop: Fischer & El Sani "Common Ground", Monday October 8

Lecture & Workshop by Fischer & El Sani
A cooperation between KiT / NTNU and Kunstmuseum Trondheim
Organized by Prof. Regina Möller

Lecture, Monday October 8, 2.00 pm / KiT Seminar Room
Workshop, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 9 & 10, 10.00 am / KiT Gallery

In their lecture Fischer & El Sani will introduce their artistic works followed by short introduction to the forthcoming workshop Common Ground. A cooperation between KiT/ NTNU and the Kunstmuseum Trondheim.

With their work Fischer & El Sani focus on transitory spaces and vacuum situations in urban environments, collective memory and vision in various media such as film, video, installation and photography. They critically reflect the rise and fall of modernity, the intense and uncanny relationship between our contemporary society and utopian projects that have driven the evolution of our history, from the past to the future,or the anachronistic merging of both ends. Their work is a permanent pursuit of and negotiation with the transition of time.
The workshop will deal with the concept of ‘common ground’, which refers to mutual understanding, mutual knowledge, mutual beliefs and mutual assumptions. “We will create experimental situations, to explore the boundaries of ‘common ground’, and focus on issues such as the uncanny, community, tolerance, identity and develop a visual language in different media (film, photography, performance, intervention, graphics, etc.) to reflect on our ‘common ground’”.

The workshop is limited to 15 persons max. To sign up please mail to regina.moller@kit.ntnu
Signing is binding. First come, first served!

Nina Fischer / Maroan el Sani are filmmakers and visual artists. They have been working together in Berlin since 1993. From 2007 until 2010 they have been Associate Professors for Film and Media Art at Sapporo City University, Japan. They have been showing internationally
, exhibitions include: Gwangju Biennale 1995, 2002, 2008, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, 1999, Manifesta
4, Frankfurt 2002, Sydney Biennale 2002, 10th Istanbul Biennial 2007, 5th Media City Seoul Biennale, 2012, and more ....

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