Workshop with Fender Schrade: Solder and Sew – Sound Technology and Clothes

Solder and Sew – Sound Technology and Clothes
Workshop with Fender Schrade and Regina
January 22 – January 25, 2013

Begin: Tuesday, January 22
10.00 am
Sculpture Studio

During the workshop we will set up an experimental lab for tinkering and sewing. Fender will introduce to you how to build sounding electronic circuits, and you can explore sound technology from scratch. The workshop takes you on a trip through sound-producing electronic engineering projects. For example making microphones, amplifiers and basic synthesizers.

The objective of the workshop is to create some sound wearables or w(e)ir(e)d items with sound.

No previous technical knowledge is necessary.

Most material will be provided, but please try to find and bring with you:
Clothes, textiles which you can use for the production of a sound wearable.
Hardware material:
- At least one loudspeaker (for example old tiny speakers you dismantle from an old radio, or bigger ones – all types you can imagine combining with clothes),
- two to three 9V-batteries
- tools like wirecutters, set of fine screwdrivers
- optional small ear headphones for tinkering

Due to technical reasons the workshop is limited to six participants. But if you want you can also collaborate with somebody on one piece / using one workplace out of the six.

A list to sign-up for the workshop you’ll find on the door to the sculpture studio / sculpture floor.

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