Workshop with Agnieszka Pokrywka

Workshop with Agnieszka Pokrywka / organized by Regina Maria Möller
Monday, September 16 / after the Monday Meeting
Wednesday, September 18
Location: Sculpture Studio

Brought to you by the Number 3
3 days intensive course about 3 web-based tools for supporting 3 online activities of 3 related groups.

This 3 days intensive course aims to respond 3 main online activities (sharing, discussing and documenting) of 3 various groups related to: course (students & teacher), university / KiT, public. And, collaboratively find out which from the 3 web-based tools (blog, wiki, web page) respond the best dreams and needs of mentioned stakeholders. The result of the workshop is functioning, simple, open source, online platform to maintain artistic process and course activities of the students and to make its results open to the university and public.

DAY 1 – Imagining impossible
Imagining impossible and prototyping analog and fake online tools which would serve the best needs of the course (students and teacher) and its public in the specific environment of KIT.

DAY 2 – How impossible refers to possibilities?
Short theoretical and practical introduction to blogs, wikis and webpages with a special focus on differences between them and their open source implementations. Prototypes from day 1 are discussed in the context of the possibilities offered by presented tools. The most appropriate one is chosen and designed according to the needs.

DAY 3 – Possibilities become real
Collaborative work on the first version of online platform maintaining artistic and educational process of KIT's students to be partially viewed by a public.

Agnieszka Pokrywka
(born in Poland, currently living in Estonia) is multi-educated hybrid and variously skilled professional in the field of visual arts, film, graphic/interaction design and computing focussed on reusing and combining stereotypically different qualities, stories, fragments especially in the context of public space and social relations. Experiences of different disciplines and places shape her in a form of transdisciplinary nomad interested in challenging the field of possible, valuing the most this what potentially new and inspiring.

Participation Information:
It is required that you will bring your own laptop - or you share together with one peer a laptop.
Please note: Due to practical reasons this workshop is unfortunately limited in participation.

Waiting List
Interested students are welcome to sign up on a waiting list. You'll find the waiting list on the door of the sculpture studio / available by Sep 9. First come, first served!

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