David Sanderson: The challenge of urban disaster

29.09.2014 - 10:30 to 11:30
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The next talk in the series of research presentations from all over NTNU features a talk by Professor David Sanderson: "The challenge of urban disaster: what are the best approaches?":

With cities growing by some 180 000 people per day, mostly in poorer countries, disasters caused by natural phenomena are also on the increase.

At the same time, almost all humanitarian aid experience is rurally derived: agencies talk of working ‘in the field’ when the new challenge is to work in the neighbourhood.

What then are the challenges for aid agencies? What do they need to do differently, and what are the lessons for others wanting to engage in effective urban disaster response?

Professor David Sanderson has worked in development end emergencies across the world for over 20 years. Originally trained as an architect David had to ‘unlearn’ many of the things he was taught to be relevant. David recently joined NTNU as a Professor. Immediately before joining he was Visiting Professor at Harvard University for a year, and before that was Director of a specialist centre at Oxford Brookes University.

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