Dan Perjovschi: From Museum wall to Facebook Wall and Back

13.10.2014 - 11:00 to 13:00
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Dan Perjovschi´s lecture at KIT is held in connection to his exhibition "Freedom of Expression" at Kunsthall Trondheim, October 18th ­to December 14th, 2014.

Artist statement:

"Artist as reporter.

For a period of time I act as a reporter and transform in visual images all data collected on that specific place and at that specific time. The source of my drawings are a short unpretentious research on the spot, some talking with people from the host institution, checking mainstream and alternative media, internet, newspapers. Private, local and global issues at the moment of building the installation constitute the texture of the exhibition. If there will be a central main stream story at the time (local or global) it will become the core of the show. The drawings are “intellectual graffiti”, almost cartoon, almost art-brut but none of them. The language is a conceptual and political choice intended to bridge the gap with general public with the visitors and give everybody the feeling they also can do that. The statement-drawings are coming together in a intricate fresco alternating profound issues with more light and funny ones. The architecture of the space play a role dictating the size of the drawings, the thickness of the line and how full of images it will be.

Trips in the city and visits to various institutions and location are part of the research.

My drawings are temporary therefore free. They don’t have to pass the time test. They can be wrong. They start from a precise subject (local or global) but aim for a general understanding and abstraction. My drawings are using humor. Not cynical but empathic. They are meant to create bridges of understanding. Visitors recognize their own thoughts. My drawings are Gedangenbild.

I draw at random with no precise plan but some general idea based on a loose research and prior knowledge of the country, city and its relation with the rest of the world. The project grows as a jazz improvisation and has a perment and constant esthetic and conceptual feed back.

The moment of starting is the moment I arrive first in the space and the end is the opening.

I act alone. No assistant no technician no director. "

Dan Perjovschi born 1961 lives and works in Bucharest and Sibiu Romania.
His solo exhibitions include Unframed at Kiasma Helsinki 2013, News from the Island at Reykjavik Art Museum in 2012, Not over at MACRO Rome in 2011, Late News at Royal Ontario Museum Toronto in 2010, What Happen to US? at MoMA New York and I am not Exotic I am Exhausted at Kunsthalle Basel in 2007, The Room Drawing at Tate Modern London, On the Other Hand at Portikus Frankfurt and First of May at Moderna Museet Stockholm in 2006 and Naked Drawings at Ludwig Museum Cologne in 2005.
He participates at group shows like Sao Paolo Biennial 2014, Paris Triennial 2012, Dublin Contemporary in 2011, Lyon Biennial in 2009, the Sydney Biennial and Fifth Floor at Tate Liverpool in 2008, The Magelanic Cloud at Pompidou Paris, the 52nd Venice Biennial and the Moscow Biennial in 2007 and the 9th Istanbul Biennial in 2005
Perjovschi received George Maciunas Prize in 2004 and ECF Princess Margriet Award in 2013 (with Lia Perjovschi)

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Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
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Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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