Bergen Biennial Conference (repeated report)

So I might have been the only one from Trondheim (?) participating in the Bergen Biennial Conference last weekend, and just wanted to send in a short report and a notice that the whole thing is available online.

The conference turned out to be really interesting, with scholars, curators and artists/curators doing their best to be intelligent. It fluctuated between being about biennials (and the issue of exhibition) in general and the specific task of figuring out if Bergen needed a biennial. People really did their best and in the best cases said some crucial things, and some oppositions in the art world became clear to me (event<>work being the most frequent).

In the end we had an amusing (and from a norwegian point of view - quite embarrasing) political stunt, mixed with an even more amusing outside perspective of Bergen as a bourgouis town with too much money to spend, and even an art hall director (Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk) that wasn't sure if he wanted a biennial to begin with.

From a Trondheim perspective it struck me as remarkable that no one mentioned the upcoming (?) Trondheim biennial, or that anyone was there to represent it. Schisms?

Anyway, you can see all lectures online if you are curious. I specially recommend the lectures with Bruce W. Ferguson, Shuddabrata Sengupta and Rafal Niemojewski (about Bergen). The evening sessions were also interesting, and even though I missed it (attended Hans Ulrich Obrist and Anri Sala instead) everyone was talking about the
session with Sarat Maharaj.

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