Group trip to Trunk video festival 28th Nov

Trunk is a video festival held every second year in Östersund, Sweden (ca 260 km east of Trondheim, 3-4 hour drive, 3 hour with train).
This year it will run from the 26th to the 29th of November, see for schedule details.

The artists shown this year are:
Katarzyna Kozyra
Shahram Entekhabi
Jannicke Låker
Per Teljer

If people are interested we could maybe go together, on a day trip, either by train or if we get a car, rent it or if someone could provide one.
The arranger of Trunk recommends saturday 28th as a good day because it's got the longest schedule (kl 12-21) and there are also other art things happening that day in Östersund, an opening at Färgfabriken konsthall as well as an ongoing exhibition there called Look twice. See for more info.

I've put up information about Trunk on the door to the seminar room together with a sign up list for anyone who would be interested.
I know that it is quite close to Open Academy but seeing as how it's only over the day I think it would work and would definitely be worth it!

Questions or anything, just drop me a line.


/Matilda Höög 1BFA

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