Practical Information

Sebastian Schumacher – 51°00'00.8"N 6°52'27.4"E
photo credit: Nanna Klith Haugaard

If you are an international student looking for housing in Trondheim, the NTNU can help. Please see the NTNU’s website “Living in Trondheim” for information about housing, cost of living, student organizations etc.

At the moment the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is not offering grants or stipends for international students.

There is a list of the main funding alternatives available to international students here:

International students who are not eligible for a fellowship or scholarship program are welcome at NTNU, provided they have proof of sufficient funding to pay their living expenses. There is no tuition fee.

There are no precise professional analogies inherent in the course of studies, since a career as an independent artist is inherently unconventional. Nevertheless the MFA degree opens a wide range of higher-level positions within institutions of the art world. It is essential for pursuing a career in academia or teaching at university level.

A MFA degree makes its recipient eligible for post-graduate or PHD programs; and it is certainly helpful when applying to residency programs for artists or for internships at art institutions.

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