NTNU Engage's Erik Klevar reports on closing spectacle of KIT Experts in Team village, North by Northeast; A Free Passage from Norway to China

This January, Kunstakademiet i Trondheim hosted an intensive English-language Experts-in-Teamwork village, “North by Northeast: A Free Passage from Norway to China” with generous support from NTNU Engage. The theme of the village dove into the tremendous consequences of climate change which will fundamentally reshape our understanding of the North. Polar ice caps are melting, and in a few decades from now, ordinary merchant ships

laboratories of Time travel, Powerstructures and miracles

Prof Susanne Winterling w guests
Climate imaginaries and the forensics of temperature salinity and oxygen changes in the ocean not only
explore the weird, wild, and tragic consequences of climate chaos, but also emphasize how climate change
is poised to exacerbate existing inequalities around gender, race, class, national origin, and more. In The
deep sea, Writer and explorer Robert MacFarlane has been voyaging in this hidden world, going back in
"deep time" to places measured in "millennia, epochs and aeons, instead of minutes, months and years".

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