Seminar with Bernhard Cella

03.02.2015 to 04.02.2015
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MFA 1st year
MFA 2nd year

Bernhard Cella is an Austrian artist with an interest in current forms of visual art, which shift modes of production and distribution. Temporary settings mirror real services. In 2007 he founded the "Salon f├╝r Buchkunst" in Vienna, "an enterprise as artwork." According to Cella it functions as a kind of model-space on a 1:1 scale, in which changing relationships among objects, people and artworks can unfold being entirely non-economical.
In a complex conceptual approach Cella explores artistic entrepreneurship and the changing role of artists in society.

The seminar with Berhard Cella is part of the series EXHIBITING, DISPLAY AND CURATORIAL DESIGN.

We will meet on Tuesday at 12.00 in Kunstarken.
The number of participants is limited, so please sign in.

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