Trondheim Academy of fine art - against the proposal for tuition fees for non-EU students

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is very disappointed with the national budget proposal settlement between Arbeiderpartiet, Senterpartiet and SV. The settlement suggests tuition fees for non-EU students and undermines the principle of free education for all, that have prominently characterized the Norwegian welfare model in an international scope.

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art supports the continued development of a diverse, multicultural and international Norway.
The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art encourages a Norwegian society that understands its responsibility to a global community, and values ethics over nationalism.

In a time of War, increasing global inequality and climate crisis we must breakdown cultural barriers - not strengthen them. International master programs across Norway have helped build international communities that profile professional environments within industry, research and culture. In fields like engineering, business, technology, humanities, sciences and art, culture and creativity non-EU worldviews dynamically shape the priorities and discourse.

The seemingly minor adjustment of the national budget that introduce tuition fees is a major downgrade of ethical standards and political perspective.

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