Vemodet - utstilling

25.02.2022 - 18:00 to 27.02.2022 - 16:00
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Friday 25th February 18-21
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“We all have different experiences and fates, but our experience of loss and inner insecurities are very much relatable, although individual. One might have a hunch, but will never truly know what’s going on underneath the skin of others or/and sometimes ourselves.”

Vemodet is a duo exhibition by Polina Chernitskaya and Madeleine Heyman. Through conversations between the two artists, it became clear that the subjects and issues that are brought up and acknowledged in the two practices can be relatable and even entangled. Both Heyman and Chernitskaya explores how one can connect the viewer with their inner emotions through visual expression. Therefore, it became interesting to explore how the two practices can be combined/merged into one exhibition. “Living with loss” and “Hidden messages” became “Vemodet”.

Polina Cherinitskaya is a Russian/Swedish artist that mainly works with painting and installation. Her focus is on composing visual narratives and investigating different communication forms. Chernitskaya’s process is based on staging and materializing the immaterial, such as memories, traditions and experiences. The aim is to create a visual archive as a way of positioning the self in relation to one’s environment. Recurring concepts that are being reflected upon are loss, grief, love, home, and belonging.

Madeleine Heyman works mainly with figurative painting and explores the concept of pain and the hidden layers of the self through depiction of distorted bodies and abstract flesh/skin alike figures. Materials and dimensions vary from piece to piece as another tool in exploring the subconscious and a way of challenging the traditional way of practicing and observing painting. The motifs in the painting work as an instrument for communication and creates distorted beings that are recognizable and foreign at the same time.

We hope to see you on Friday 25th of February.

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Polina Chernitskaya and Madeleine Heyman

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