Video installation/projection mapping

24.02.2014 to 28.02.2014
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Time-based art
BFA 1st year
BFA 2nd year
BFA 3rd year

Video installation workshop based on use of the program Video Projection Tools, which allows for precise mapping of projections onto 3D objects and different surfaces. The workshop will be led by Norwegian artist HC Gilje, who works with installation, scenography and public art projects. He is the developer of VPT, which runs on both Mac OSX and Windows machines. The workshop will also make use of Arduino, a programmable digital interface which is often used in interactive installations. This will be an intensive, hands-on workshop with practical exercises every day. There will also be an artist talk with HC Gilje at the beginning of the week, and a short seminar on the theme of Expanded Cinema, presented jointly by HC Gilje and Jeremy Welsh.

There will be 10 places on the workshop. To request a place, send email to Jeremy Welsh
Priority will be given to students attached to the time-based media area, but all students who have some experience of working with video can apply.
Where possible, students should bring their own laptops to the workshop (external screen connection necessary)

Video Projection Tools can be downloaded here:


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