Workshop: Photography & language in theory & practice. Guest teacher: Art historian Johan Zimsen Kristiansen

09.03.2015 to 13.03.2015
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Photography floor
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With focus on language & languages relation to art & specifically photography, will the workshops theoretical part go through the different art scientific texts. The aim is for the students to understand the languages meaning for the work & for them in the situation to self overview & formulate the most important points in there own production. The workshops theory will particularly look at the relationship between the speaking language, written language, writing & editing for the development in the cultural analytical use of linguistics.

There will be reading of short texts and excerpts from i.e.. Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva & J.L.Austin. The theory will be related to concrete photographs.

The teaching will be daily from 10 - 13 following with student talks in the afternoon. The starting point is to look at the students own production.

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