Lecture friday 21 January. 14:00 in the Seminar room.

In his talk “Creative Audio Processing” Øyvind Brandtsegg
will give an insight into his work with compositionally enabled
instruments and live sampling.
He will also give an overview of the courses in Music
Technology at the Department of Music at NTNU.
Øyvind Brandtsegg is a composer, musician and professor in music technology
at NTNU. His field of interest lies in the use of compositional techniques
for improvisation. This has led to the design of custom musical instruments with
computers and sensor technology. A form of musical knowledge (or intelligence)
is implemented as part of the computer instrument, this is sometimes referred
to as “Compositionally Enabled Instruments”. Sound installations have a natu-
ral place in his work, and he views an installation as an autonomous musical
instrument. Øyvind has performed with the groups “Krøyt” and “Motorpsycho”
throughout Europe. He has written music for interactive dance, theatre and TV,
in addition to the writing of compositional frameworks for improvisation and
composition for sound installation. His main programming tools are “Python”
and “Csound”, and the software “ImproSculpt” has been released as an open
source project. His latest effort in music software programming is the “Hadron
Particle Synthesizer”, to be released as a device for “Ableton Live” and as a VST
The lecture has been organized by Prof. Regina Maria Möller

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