DELAY : Workshop with Mary Sherman and Florian Grond

20.10.2014 to 24.10.2014
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Galleri KiT
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Workshop with Mary Sherman and Florian Grond
whose installation DELAY will be on view at Galleri KiT
October 24 - November 2

Workshop takes place in Week 43
Monday, October 20 – Friday, October 24
Location: Galleri KiT

At times it is folly to hasten at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time. - Ovid

Delay slows us down. It can cause us to reflect, if only for a moment; or it can function as an irritant, keeping us from what we want. In this workshop we investigate to what extent this temporal ‘blip’ influences our behavior, emotions and thinking processes.

Limited to 12 participants working individual or in groups
Interested students are asked to sign up.
Send e-mail to:
Prof. Regina Maria Möller
Sign Up Deadline: Sunday, October 19th

For detailed Timetable, Syllabus and Class Objectives please see Calendar.

About the Artists:
Mary Sherman is an American artist, curator, writer, educator and founder of TransCultural Exchange, based in Boston /
USA and Berlin/Germany;

Florian Grond is an Austrian artist and researcher in the field of Human Computer Interaction living and working in
Montreal. In 2013 he received a doctorate from Bielefeld University. Currently he is a postdoctoral fellow at
Concordia University and an affiliate member at Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and
Technology, McGill University Montreal.

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