Animation workshop, Inger Lise Hansen

23.02.2015 to 28.02.2015
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Time-based art
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Inger Lise Hansen is Norway's most accomplished experimental film maker, and has been making stop-motion animations since the late eighties. Her work has been featured in numerous international film festivals, exhibitions and television broadcasts and she has won prizes at several international festivals. She makes short films and installations, usually shooting on 16mm film and post-producing digitally. Her films are always shot on location, and through precise camera movements and incremental changes within the frame of the image she radically shifts our perception of space and time. In this short workshop students will get an introduction to working with stop-motion, both in the studio and, if weather permits, outside on location. The practical exercises will be based on use of DSLR cameras and editing in Final Cut. The course is open for students at all levels of BFA and MFA. To register, send email to Jeremy. Places are limited, so don't delay!

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