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May 20, 2009 - 15:58 -- greger

Reposted here by request:

One of the things I remember best, when I was at the admission week a
couple of years ago, was the party afterwards. It was the ability to
wind down after an intense week, and actually be able to meet, and talk
to a lot of the people I had just seen in passing, while my whole life
was at stake. Or, that was what it felt like. It was a chance to talk to
some of the people I would (hopefully) get accepted together with.

But it also was something that helped me decide that KiT and Trondheim
was a place I wanted to go.

Now, I knew some of the people that was at the admission week with me
from before. But I am thinking, that for those who don't, that social
event made the checking of the results the next day a much better thing,
that it could be. Was it good or bad. To me it was a very good thing
that I had someone I could share with, after the results were posted,
and someone I knew during the cleaning up process, to talk to, and hang
around with.

I also had a really good time last year, at the admission week party,
and it was really nice to meet people that might be my new school mates,
so that it wasn't all unfamiliar faces when school started in august.

I choose to believe I am not the only one that feels and felt that way.

Since Skybar is no longer a symbol of happiness and good social
gatherings, and the party ban is effective, I am wondering if anyone has
thought about what will happen this year, after the admission week is over?

Will everyone just have to go home on Friday, and wait a painful 24
hours for the result, all by their lonesome? Or can anything be done to
ease the waiting?

From what I have heard there are fewer applicants this year, and if
that is the case at other schools as well, the battle for what students
to get will be much harder. And with that a nice end to the admission
week can be a really important thing.

I am sending this e-mail with my name only, but I know, from talks I've
had with other students this year, that I am not the only one thinking
about this.

Best regards

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