"The mode of the documentary" (1)

21.09.2010 - 10:00 to 17:00
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The initial session will serve as an introduction into the project "THE MAKING OF A theory seminar about art and the mode of the documentary" and its possible outreach.

The session will be centered around the screening of documentary films that the french filmmaker Alain Resnais has directed in the very beginning of his carreer, such as "Van Gogh" (1948), "Gauguin" (1950), and "Guernica" (1950). The series of short films about famous artists and their works has led the filmmaker to the seminal documentary "Night and Fog" (1955), as one of the first films about the attempted extermination of the european Jews, shot ten years after the liberation of the concentration camps, and often considered as "the greatest film ever made" (Francois Truffaut).

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