"The making of" - A theory seminar about art and the mode of the documentary

How does art reflect reality? What is the role of truth and authenticity? Can art intervene and change a certain reality?

The seminar will discuss the relationship between art and what is usually considered as a "reality". In a traditional point of view this relationship has been perceived as an opposition: art and documentary practices were understood as rather irreconcilable.

In the recent years artistic practices across the disciplines have begun to revaluate and reconsider the mode of the documentary and today one can even experience a renaissance of all sorts of "realism".

Long established distinctions between art and fiction, artifact and document, the mode of the imaginary and the mode of the documentary are put into question. Various different approaches open up to fascinating new potentials of image production in visual arts, performance, and film-making.

The seminar will span over this and the next semester and feature presentations, screenings, discussions and reading sessions. In week 42, from October 18 to 22, a workshop in the Performing Arts Forum PA-F near Paris is planned.

Like lasts years trip to the same place this theory workshop will culminate again in a very practical project that reflects documentary film making.

Students who are interested to join the workshop in PA-F are invited to join a planning meeting in the context of the introductory session on Tuesday, September 21.

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