The Atmospherics part 5: Stop, Hey, Watch That Sound

The Atmospherics part 5: Stop, Hey, Watch That Sound is a new installation by Trond Lossius and Jeremy Welsh, the fifth in a series that started in 2014. The Atmospherics is an artistic research project that takes as a starting point field recordings in sound and video. Materials has been recorded at many locations in Norway, capturing a wide variety of landscapes and cityscapes. Locations are chosen for their special qualities, very often exploring contrasts between nature/culture, near/far, large/small, light/dark, and so on.

Bachelorutstillingen 2016

Fredag 22. april kl. 19.00
Galleri KiT, Innherredsveien 7

Åpningstider for utstillingen:
23. april – 30. april
Mandag-fredag 16-20
Lørdag-søndag 12-18

Exhibition opening Flytestein, Kaia Hugin

Opening Friday evening, 19 February, Kaia Hugin's magical new video work "Flytestein", part of the Collaborative Curating Project at RAKE VISNINGSROM. Hugin's video works have always presented the viewer with images of a body that is challenged or challenging, exploring extreme physical states or placing the body in an uncomfortable relationship with its surroundings. Her earlier series Motholic Mobbles (2009 - 2015) combined elements of performance/body art and the iconography of surrealism and horror film.


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