Monday, May 4, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:15

The AR:KiT series kicks off Monday the 4th of May and is initiated by a series of presentations opening the Artistic Research projects of KiT’s Phds and postdocs.
During the online mode-of-education each artistic researcher will present his or her research in digital format. The series provides open access to the bespoke research projects and each project articulates idiosyncratically that the role of the artists is first and foremost an ethical one. A role that is not only defined through artistic research and practice, but above all through solidarity in relation to the political, economic, environmental and technological developments, in what we call society.

The first event Martinus Suijkerbuijk presents a preliminary sketch of his research project titled:

(Re-)Engineering the Artificial Subject:
Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

This presentation occasionally shifts into manifesto-mode that demands a new age of engineering through artistic research and practice. It maps a technical and socio-political cartography of Artificial Intelligence, and reverts from the colloquial understanding of AI’s ambition to clone the human brain. Instead it approaches AI in the critique of Enlightenment: that AI as the apex of science and technology to automate and instrumentalise the space of reason, brings forth an automated artificial subject of impoverished quality.
The presentation outlines a theoretical framework for Critical Engineering through the philosophy of Gilbert Simondon, but also presents concrete practical examples from artworks of the artist that engage the algorithmic strata of emotion recognition, facial analysis and crowd simulation artistically.
It concludes by sketching the outlines of a new model for start-up culture. One that is approached through the means and modes of Critical Data and Engineering within a platform where art, technology and critical theory compose new strategies and designs for computational infrastructures.

Critical Data & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Gilbert Simondon, Cybernetics, Computational Infrastructures, Surveillance Capitalism, Smart Cities, Agent Based Simulations

The presentations in the series start at 4 PM on the following Mondays:

Martinus Suijkerbuijk 4 May
Mari Bastashevski 11 May
Nabil Ahmed 18 May
Yana Mikhalina 25 May
Mari Sanden 1 June
Joen Vedel 8 June

The complete descriptions of the individual projects will be available at the KiT’s website calendar soon.

Hope to see you all on Monday 4th of May at 4PM on Zoom. Invitations will be sent by email.

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