Context and Confidence (3bfa)

04.03.2019 - 10:00 to 08.03.2019 - 17:00
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BFA 3rd year


Date: 04/03 - 08/03
Time: 10.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00 everyday (minus Monday meeting)
Location: Kunstarken
Teacher: Piya Wanthiang

Context and Confidence is an intensive workshop preparing third bachelor students towards their graduation exhibition and life after school. This workshop is part of a threefold structure, which runs through the three Bachelor years, intended to give students practical tools in relation to ‘going public’. This workshop is intended to focus on presenting - speaking, writing and reflecting upon own process and work, sharing it with peers. The practicalities of making an exhibition is also part of this week and will be continued in planning and installing the graduation works.

3 Tasks to be executed in preparation.

1. A 20 minute Self-presentation, based on 10 things (material, topic, theory, image etc). These things should be at the core of your artistic pursuit at the moment, and as such I imagine they might be related to things you are reflecting upon in your thesis text, or tied to the work you are working on for your graduation. They should all be things you are excited about.

2. Visit an art exhibition in-town and write a half a page to one A4 page reflection on the exhibition and if applicable in relation to your own practice. We will discuss your texts in group, and assistent curator Katrine Elise Peterson (Kunsthall Trondheim) will join us at discussing your texts and in giving feedback.

3 Read following texts:


We will discuss these texts together.

Additional Reading:

Yves Klein - the Messenger of Space by Thomas McEvilley

There will also be a Q &A with Carl Martin Fuerby, program curator and production manager of Trondheim Kunsthall Where you can ask some questions you might have about the running and curating of a place like Kunsthall Trondheim, or selection procedures and other.

We will look at funding opportunities after school, where and how to apply, and the practicalities of putting together an application, budget, production plan, that so that you can find your way.

Part of this week is planning your exhibition, deciding on titles, image, press and so on. The production team shuld put together a floor plan sketch, or model. We will discuss what you will show and who goes where.

The program order will be mailed to students before workshop week.

"A leap into the void" Yves Klein, 1960
photo: Harry Shunk/János Kender

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