Earth Law

Monday, May 6, 2019 - 10:00 to Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 16:00

Earth law: Spatial research and advocacy as artistic research tools for expanding the legal protection of the oceans under international justice
Nabil Ahmed (INTERPRT), postdoctoral fellow, KIT, NTNU

Earth law is a newly emerging body of law. The cornerstone law is ecocide crime, to prevent and prohibit ecosystem destruction, loss and damage. Ecocide is not yet an international crime. When it is, it shall protect the rights of the natural world, living systems, the global ocean, biosphere, migrant and indigenous of our Earth, current and future generations.

Ecocide crime is required to disrupt State-sponsored industrial immunity and corporate impunity. It can stop the actions that lead and materially contribute to the destruction of the natural world and impose upon States the responsibility to prevent ecocide and protect the public against serious harm. What is rapidly emerging is a body of evidence to suggest that a new 21st century crime is added to ecocide crime: climate ecocide.

The exhibition is set up in the context of NTNU's Ocean week 2019:
Ocean Week takes place in the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim:

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