Introduction of Art and Common Space

13.09.2019 - 13:00
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Welcome to the introduction of Art and Common Space Autumn 2019 Friday 13th at Kunstarken at 13:00 o’clock, with a presentation of artist Per Kristian Nygård.

This autumn we are going to focus on "Themes and practices» both in architecture and art.

We have the pleasure to introduce Per Kristian Nygård who is an artist based in Trondheim. In the introduction of the course this autumn he will present some of his work and talk about the importance of the studio in his artistic practice.

New York Times was writing about Per Kristian Nygård in their article:
"Whether it’s bending metal, molding wood or planting a field of grass indoors. For Per Kristian Nygård, no tool measures up to the mighty power of his own bare hands. “Work as craft brings the aspect of joy in seeing the result of what you create,” says the artist, inside his intimate studio in Trondheim, Norway. “I mostly make things on my own.”

Image: Not Red But Green, 2014, Per Kristian Nygård
(Photo: Jason Olav Benjamin Havneraas)

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