Lecture: Suzana Milevska

27.11.2018 - 11:00 to 12:30
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In her lecture Suzana Milevska will introduce the topic of Kalokagathia: On the Possibility to Think Together the Ethical and Aesthetical in Artistic Research. Suzana's lecture is part the Artistic Research seminar, which centers on the question of what constitutes artistic research, or research in the arts. The seminar invites presentations and propositions by different practitioners, invited theorists and researchers inside and outside of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.

Suzana Milevska is an art historian and curator from Skopje, Macedonia. Her curatorial interests include postcolonial critique of representational regimes of hegemonic power, gender difference and feminist art; construction of visual memory in photographic imagery and archives; art in postsocialist and transitional societies; collaborative, participatory and activist art practices. Currently she is Principal Investigator, Polytechnic University Milan (TRACES, Horizon 2020). From 2013-2015 Milevska was the first Endowed Professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna and she taught Central and South Eastern European Art Histories. In 2004, she was a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar. She holds a Ph.D. in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths College London. Her project The Renaming Machine (2008-2010, in collaboration with P74 –artist run space in Ljubljana) focused on the politics of renaming and overwriting memory in art and visual culture. She curated several exhibitions of contemporary art by Roma artists, including Roma Protocol, the Austrian Parliament (Wiener Festwochen), and Call the Witness, BAK Utrecht (the basis for Roma Pavilion – Call the Witness, collateral event at the 54 Venice Biennale, 2011). Milevska is the recipient of the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory and the ALICE Award for political curating (2012).

Image Credit: Suzana Milevska Expectancy Wave 06.08.1992

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