Networked KiTchen series - Stewart Home artist talk “It's not politics, it's not art, it's voodoo”

21.04.2020 - 17:00
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Stewart Home talks about what he can't remember of more than forty years of making culture in public....while planning to emphasise that it isn't the work that's important but the human relations that engender it, although he may completely forget to mention this.......why he had far-Right figures attacking him as a cultural Marxist more than a decade ago, sometime before everyone who wasn't a dyed in the wool racist got accused of the same thing... he may also explain why anti-terrorist police arrested an innocent British pop star after reading a magazine article he'd written, and why his mother is such an inspirational figure that he reposed some of her 1960s fashion modelling photographs using the title Becoming (M)other and made a film about her entitled The Eclipse & Re-Emergence of the Oedipus Complex......

Stewart Home is a visual artist, film-maker and the author of seven works of cultural commentary, as well as collections of poetry and short stories. His sixteenth novel She's My Witch is scheduled to be published by London Books in July 2020. His visual work can be found in the Arts Council of England Collection and he is the recipient of major awards from the Arts Council of England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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