NTNU Artist-in-Residence: JODI, Michael Leisz and Hannah Mjølsnes

Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 13:30 to Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 13:30

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art at NTNU is pleased to announce that the media artist duo JODI and artist duo Michael Leisz and Hannah Mjølsnes have been selected to develop two new works under the auspices of the ARTEC Artist-in-Residence Program. The residency periods will be during the Spring and Autumn, 2017. The Artist-in-Residence Program is intended for media artists and media technologists who are interested in contributing their work to Adressaparken, an interactive installation outdoor park in the heart of Trondheim, the technology capital of Norway. Adressaparken is both a laboratory and an exhibition space to experiment with digital storytelling and new ways of communicating art, technology, and the humanities in a public sphere. (https://www.ntnu.edu/thepark/).

During their stay in Trondheim, JODI will investigate the phenomenon of tracking, how smartphone signals and usage track our daily movement. In “WIFI 4G.arden”, a spatial site-specific work developed specifically for Adressaparken they ask: What if we were visually aware of that data and analytics? How would this influence the movement and experiences of those who pass through the park? JODI intend to add local connectivity in Adressaparken, where visitors can have free WIFI, but in a sense WRONG WiFi. By channeling content controlled by visitors devices and geographical position, JODI intend to create a new net topology within the park, to visualize the hidden waves of our digital behaviors and movements that we unconsciously already build.

JODI, or jodi.org – a Netherlands-based artist duo comprising Joan Heemskerk (1968, the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (1965, Brussels) – pioneered web-based art in the mid-1990s. By radically disrupting the conventions and functions of systems such as web pages, computer programs, video and computer games, mobile apps, and other digital technologies, JODI’s work destabilizes the relationship between computing technology and its users. JODI continue to work in the widest possible variety of media and techniques, from installations, software and websites to performances and exhibitions.JODI’s work is featured in most art historical volumes about electronic and media art, and has been exhibited worldwide at Documenta-X, Kassel; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; ZKM, Karlsruhe; ICC, Tokyo; CCA, Glasgow; Guggenheim Museum, New York; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Eyebeam, NewYork; FACT, Liverpool; MOMI, New York, among others..

Michael Leisz and Hannah Mjølsnes intends to develop a new interactive project for Adressaparken with the working title “Current.” Their work proposes a site-specific approach to the park, emphasizing one of its characteristics as being a place where people are in transition and passing by. How can an artwork be experienced when in movement? They intend to work with this by creating a visual and auditory layer on top of the park with recording from a geographically removed place; a glacier in Norway. A relationship is established between the action of the visitor, and the action of the water in the glacier, shaping its surfaces through freezing, melting and running through it. Michael Leisz is a programmer and artist who has worked extensively with engaging the audience in interactive works focused on communication through the senses. Hannah Mjølsnes is an artist whose primary medium is video and sculpture. She creates installations with large-scale projections of natural elements. Their collaborative work centers on human relations to natural and digital landscapes and processes.

ARTEC champions research and artistic excellence by exploring the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration in the fields of art(s), humanities and technology within the frame of the University and in collaboration with external partners. Their main aim is to foster innovative research involved while simultaneously producing cutting edge artworks and creative practices. A heterogeneous group of researchers and artists working in different fields and departments at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology such as the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Engineering Design and Materials, Computer and Information Science, Music, Theatre, Literature and Fine Arts comprises ARTEC.

The grant for the Artist-in-Residence program is made available through Trondheim Kommune on behalf of Trondheim Kommune, NTNU, and Adressavisa. The grant is managed by NTNU ARTEC. (https://www.ntnu.edu/artec)

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