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12.09.2018 - 09:00
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Prof. Felix Gmelin

This is a Painting Class open to all Media on Storytelling and your Affections

This is a painting class that takes you out of your regular practice and aims to be relevant also for you who don't actually don't paint. It is based on individual research, short lectures, quick practical experiments and mutual discussions about what painting could be and mean for us today, affected by documentation, journalism, feminist and post-colonial studies. It is about how to make your production of images a relevant tool and language for communicating your personal affections and desires.
This is a painting class that examines how storytelling and identity politics can move painting into new directions.
Identity politics and storytelling develop interesting narratives within painting today.
Artists such as Anna Boghiguian, Lubaina Himid, Tala Madani and Kerry James Marshall do fascinating works by telling stories forgotten or hidden and neglected by the major discourse. At the Art Academy in Vienna professor Ashley Hans Scheirl today offers classes in “Contextual Painting” promoting: "trans" topics and practices such as Queerness, Trans-Media, Trans-Genre, and Transgender. Feminism of course is the root to all these movements in painting today.
This is a painting class about storytelling – about how to articulate your dreams, memories, fairytales, discourses and subjective experiences. It aims to develop your stories and articulations, taking into consideration how they relate to the medium and language you choose. We all will share our expertise togeter, and will discuss how form follows function together.
Stories are powerful: they create nations, institutions, religions, dissidents, fear and rebellion, but also build and break families. Media society makes information move fast, but only very few of us really develop stories of our own. We together, I hope, will help you to develop your stories, and discuss how one story always overlies another. I will be curious to learn how you deal with your stories...

Welcome, Felix

This is a painting class which will begin in examining historical examples of narratives within painting. Subsequently, in a playful workshop consisting of quick tasks, we will develop individual projects with simple means. The aim is to find ways to develop and articulate your own projects, in individual and group tutorials. A final group presentation will serve to evaluate your work, and encourage its future development.

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