Photography and Printmaking

Within KiT, we offer facilities for working with photography and printmaking.

Photo Studio:
The photo studio is a large room with a high ceiling which can be used either in the complete dark or daylight situations. It has a choice of backgrounds and a wall where it is possible to document artworks such as paintings. The photo studio contains all that one might need for studio work, including four 1000W flash units, softboxes, and umbrellas.

Black & White Darkroom:
The black & white darkroom consists of three smaller rooms fully equipped with three enlargers ranging from 35mm to 5”x4” formats. The darkroom includes a film loading station and a communal space containing film and print dryers.

Digital Scanning and Printing room:
The digital scanning and printing room consists of four workstations powered by Mac computers. Each workstation is connected to a scanner and a printer. There are three Epson Pro A4 flatbed scanners and a Hasselblad Imacon roll bed scanner. The room also contains two Epson A2 printers, a 1,10m wide and a 1,60m wide Epson printer where it is possible to print up to 30m in length.

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