Social Imagination and The Node Structure

11.09.2018 - 09:00
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Photography floor
BFA 1st year
BFA 2nd year
BFA 3rd year

Prof. Susanne Winterling w. Dag Nordbrenden and Helle Siljeholm

Workshop, documentation and archive research.
Work on the past and present- creating a platform to catapult us into the future, the course is a combination of analogue photography and social Imagination.

Conceptual work, archive, social imagination and darkroom practice.
What is the audience and how do we relate to it? Who does the work speak to and how is this taken into account when you make a work?
students will participate in NODES performance 6- 8 december with expanded practices of documentation, interviews this material will be important too for how the project (future theatre) will be develop in 2019.

An introduction to analogue b&w printing in the darkroom while looking at imagery and prints from the archive and how to integrate them into an artistic practice.
Introduction to Dag Nordbrenden work and presenting other artists that work with archival material, both from the private and public sphere.
Following up on the theme of combining past and present: students an assignment for shooting a roll or sheets of b&w film through an analogue camera by choice.
We will be learning the process of developing b&w film in tanks or trays, depending on the choice of film format. We will also go through the process of making contact sheets.

And there will be an introduction to printing analogue b&w prints from the students’ negatives. We will go through the mixing of chemistry and considering various types of printing paper from resin coated to fiber based materials. Individual studio visits the following day.

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