Spectral Landscapes: Senses, Archives, Cocreation

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spectral Landscapes: Senses, Archives, Cocreation
NTNU ARTEC Seminar and Workshop
with Lena Gudd & Antonin Pons Braley (An Archive of Norths)
& Dr. Alex Murray-Leslie & Ada Hoel
Thursday, February 14, 8:30-15:00
Kunsthall Trondheim

8.30: Coffee
9.00: Introduction by Hanna Musiol (ISL/ NTNU ARTEC)
9.10: An Archive of Norths, a performance presentation by Lena Gudd & Antonin Pons Braley
10.30: A tour of A Generative Archive
11.15: “David Bowie is haunting me: ANALOGIC strategies in digital dark ages,”
a performance lecture by Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie and real-time acoustic research collaboration with Ada Hoel and NTNU Trondheim Academy of art students.
12.00: Lunch break
13.00: Workshop + Reflection
The event is free and all are welcome to attend! Refreshments will be served.

NTNU ARTEC and Kunsthall Trondheim are pleased to invite you to Spectral Landscapes a day-long exploration of textual, visual, and sonic landscapes. It draws from reflections about the role of literate and visual arts and sound in the making of space and archives developed in Musiol’s Ghosts, Memories, Landscapes (ISL/ HF NTNU) in conversation with A Generative Archive (Raphaël Grisey and Bouba Touré) currently on view at Kunsthall. The event features talks, performances, QAs, and collaborative workshops with artists and researchers, Lena Gudd, Antonin Pons Braley, Dr. Alex Murray-Leslie, & Ada Hoel.

About participants: An Archive of Norths artists and researchers Lena Gudd & Antonin Pons Braley explore the multilayered relationship between human beings and their milieu in Polar and Circumpolar regions. Driven by a holistic approach, they notably draw on their ongoing study of the Canadian mining town Fermont to compose “Banlieue Nord”, a collection of documents and objects that together map, between narration and documentation, a poetic landscape of inner and outer Norths. While archives usually are institutional matters, An Archive of Norths acts as a subjective laboratory of the duo's research-creation. Pons Braley and Gudd are associate researchers at Imaginary North, the International Laboratory of Compared Multidisciplinary Studies of the Representations of North, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie is a poly-artist researcher, performer, and co-founder of the international art collective Chicks on Speed. Her current artistic research & practice explores art-science collaboration & designing, fabricating & performing computer enhanced footwear for a new theatrical, audiovisual expressivity of the feet. Alex’s work has been discussed in books such as Creating Artscience Collaboration (2019), Explorations in Art & Technology (2018), Akward Politics (2017) as well as periodicals such as New Yorker, The Wire, Art Forum, Financial Times, & New York Times. Her work has been shown in major biennales, festivals and art institutes, Ars Electronica, ZKM Centre for Art and Media, 56th & 57 Venice Biennale, MoMA NY, Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art Australia, Turner Prize Tate Britian, ArtScience Gallery Dublin & Singapore.

Ada Hoel is a Norwegian noise performer and producer, and an MA student in the Music Technology program at NTNU. She researches cross-adaptive processing as a production and composition tool, creates software, and processes vocal, acoustic and electric bass, drum, synthetic sounds and field recordings.

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