Time-based media

The time-based media area at KiT consists of a film studio and project room with animation table, two video editing suites and one room for audio production. Various equipment used by students, staff and research projects associated with the institute can be lent out.

Film Studio/Project Room:
A large 50m2 room for video work, documentation, workshops and teaching. The room comes equipped with a projection screen, white board, portable projection screen. The video, photo, and sound equipment must be booked separately.

Video Editing Suites:
There are two video editing suites equipped with MacPro computers. Software: (Two rooms) MacPro computers with FinalCut software.

Audio Production Suite:
Two suites for recording and mixing. Each room has an iMac with Nuendo mixing software. Microphones and sound recording equipment must be booked separately.

Sound and Video Equipment:
Digital: Five full HD, 3500 lumen Optima projectors, two small handheld projectors that run on battery and with a built-in memory card, two Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II DSLR cameras, 2.5 K Black Magic Cinema Camera, two GoPros and a Sony Handicam. Two-channel and six-channel input sound mixers, H6 and H4 Zoom recorders, different microphones for interior recording and field recording work. Media players (Mac minis and multimedia drives).
Analog: Slide project and overhead projector.
Monitors: Several tv screens/monitors in different sizes, from 10 inches to 40 inches. Both LCD and CRT.
Accessories: Tripods, studio lights, cables, and headphones.

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Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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