TOUCH / Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection Exhibition

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 to Sunday, March 19, 2017

TOUCH / Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection Exhibition
Espod Museum of Modern Art / EMMA
19.11.2014 - 19.03.2017

EMMA is currently making its largest ever project since its opening: the entire Saastamoinen Foundation collection exhibition will be renewed by the end of 2015. The collection has been on permanent display at EMMA since 2006, showcasing some 500 works of art by Finnish and international artists dating from the early 1900s to the present. The reorganisation of the permanent exhibition will take place in three phases, the first of which will open to the public on 19 November 2014. The new display will be completed just in time for EMMA’s 10th anniversary in 2016.

The overarching theme of the collection exhibition is humanity, a choice to which the collection naturally lends itself, and it is entitled Touch. The human being, identity, our physicality and interaction with the surrounding world have been central subject matters in contemporary art for the past couple of decades. The works of art to be displayed will offer a variety of perspectives into what it is to be a human being. They will provide an opportunity to reflect humanity and what it is to be human, in interaction with the artworks.

Most of the artworks are on display for the first time, but included are also widely popular works of art from the previous display. For example, Antony Gormley’s Two Times will again be on exhibition at EMMA as of next March. The first phase of the new display comprises about thirty artworks. The featured artists include Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Ville Andersson, Miroslaw Balka, Hans-Christian Berg, Marcus Eek, Eric Freeman, Anne-Karin Furunes, Susanne Gottberg, Tommi Grönlund & Petteri Nisunen, Annika von Hausswolff, Hannaleena Heiska, Pekka Jylhä, Anish Kapoor, Ola Kolehmainen, Leena Luostarinen, David Nash, Leena Nio, Mimmo Paladino, Jaume Plensa, Pauno Pohjolainen, Aurora Reinhard, Heli Rekula, Nina Roos, Janne Räisänen, Mari Sunna, Anna Tuori and Marianna Uutinen.

The display also includes Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s video installation Vaakasuora-Horizontal, which will be featuring from 19 November 2014 until 22 February 2015. The second phase of Touch will open in spring 2015.

The exhibition is curated by Pilvi Kalhama, Päivi Karttunen and Henna Paunu.

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