Workshop Making Environments with Cristian Stefanescu and Piya Wanthiang (at Surnadal)

19.03.2018 - 10:00 to 23.03.2018 - 16:00
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How does the concept of a constructed environment differ from that of sculpture, installation or architecture?

This question takes its cue from art as an immersive experience, not as art object nor the hardware-store side of installation, nor the fossilized condition of exhibitions; but as a natural romantic encounter, whether moving through a building, through a fragment of the city or the natural landscape - a corridor, a street or a forest path.

The exploration will be informed by the thoughts on synaesthetic experience as understood by Dominique Garcia Foerster where moving through is a decisive factor and different sensorial levels are called upon; and notions of the anti-environment as understood by Marshall McLuhan that aims to make visible the supporting structures of something by raising the unconscious environment to conscious attention.

We will think about the latent potential of material, spatial and sensory elements that come together to form immersive spaces: something that is around us that we are simultaneously around.

The format is of a one week workshop situated inside of the Surnadal Billag, a former bus station converted into an artist residency and project space. The complex will serve as a testing ground, a latent situation that we will collectively explore and transform into one or several environments through physical and spatial work. This work will be grounded and expand upon the individual work/practice of the participants in conjunction to the given context.

The workshop takes place from Monday March 19 to Friday March 23. Accommodation will be provided for all participants free of charge within the Surnadal Billag. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Surnadal. There is room for 7 participants to be chosen based on relevancy of their artistic practice and what it would stand to benefit from this workshop. If you are interested, please digitally submit a short motivation text (max half A4) and small portfolio (max 10mb) to Piya by February 20 2018


The workshop is held by Cristian Stefanescu and Piya Wanthiang. Cristian and Piya have been collaborating since 2013 on various works that explore the notion of immersive environments.

Cristian Stefanescu is an architect based in Bergen. He runs his own architectural practice a-works and teaches at the Bergen School of Architecture.

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