BK3199 Exhibiting and curating

01.09.2021 - 15:00 to 31.12.2021 - 17:00
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This course corresponds with the practical development of exhibitions, and introduces a research-informed, experimental approach to the analysis and making of contemporary exhibitions as a distinctive form of cultural production. It invites students from a wide range of creative disciplines with interest in practice-based work and regards exhibitions as a process of co-creation, shaping as well as showcasing research-led and practice-based art for public interest.

The course will have a hands on approach and introduce students to the many layered procedures and challenges of exhibition making through active participation in the current activities in Gallery KIT and by a collaborative project to install an exhibition on agreed upon subject or material. Based on the mutual interests of the students this class will develop one or several visual concepts and forms for presenting the ideas the student group(s) develop. The vision for this class is finding forms for contents yet unseen within disciplines we don't know, in other words to explore the limits of our knowledge, be it in ourselves, in the class or in the field, to become familiar with innovative thinking and innovation processes. To contextualize this endeavor our class looks for partners to work with.

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