Bokpresentasjon: Sun(less) – Edvine Larssen, Simon Harvey og Lisa Stålspets

onsdag, November 23, 2016 - 18:30 to 20:00

Bokpresentasjon: Sun(less) – Edvine Larssen, Simon Harvey og Lisa Stålspets
Presentation of the project LevText (LevArt) Anne-Gro Erikstad
TKM Gråmølna

TKM Gråmølna
Onsdag 23. november kl. 1830
I samarbeid med LevArt inviterer vi til bokslipp på TKM Gråmølna. Det blir salg av øl og vin, og museet har åpent til kl 21. Arrangementet vil foregå på engelsk.
At any Given Moment
Edvine Larssen
A Home for Artists (part 1-3)
Lisa Stålspets
Smuggling: Seven Centuries of Contraband
Simon Harvey
«This is the time, and this is the record of the time», so said Laurie Anderson. If the artwork often blazes in its moment, and then cools for us to reflect upon it, what role does the book have in this presencing and recording process? Can the book be presence enough?
Three newly published books, thrown into the light for the first time, each represent a different degree of exposure of the written word (fiction and non-fiction) within an art context. Each performs a different role in relation to art and illumination. Here, on the far side of Solsiden, these books become central, but a part of them remains out of the sun. Larssen’s At Any Given Moment, Stålspets’ A Home for Artists, and Harvey’s Smuggling have a dark side: they allude to things elsewhere, to strange and affecting places and temporalities as well as to other, almost buried social strata. The first two of these works have been part of a publishing initiative within the municipal art organization Levart, curated by Anne-Gro Erikstad since 2005.  LevArText, this latest project in Levart’s work, addresses the broader context of books in art, as well as exploring text-based projects as a means to elucidate a history of art production embedded in the strata of the local “kommune”.
Text-centred disciplines have become ever more amenable to art practice. Perhaps this is the time for books in art, at the same time as being some kind of a record.

At Any Given Moment (Edvine Larssen) is an artist-book and a retelling of a durational piece from the diverse perspectives of actual participants, as well as the guides acting in the piece; thus exploring the format of the book as another space of enquiry and as an art piece in it´s own right. At any given moment is a part of Edvine Larssen’s Artistic Research Project: Theatrical, but not Theatre. Architectonic, but not Architecture. Sculptural, but not Sculpture. – Det tomme rommets potensielle dramatikk.

Smuggling: Seven Centuries of Contraband (Simon Harvey) tells the story of a (yet) darker, more shadowy side to globalization.

A Home for Artists (Lisa Stålspets) is an artist novel that is organized in three parts that were written and published over the course of four years. It recounts the struggle of young artists to make ends meet, set amidst the brightness and gloom of a care home exclusively for ageing artists. Using fiction as an example of how we could take care of our elders, the text reflects upon issues concerning identity and work. This novel is the basis of a larger art project and serves as a framework or a narrative starting point for works in techniques such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects.

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