Divination - A Romantic Mutiny in a Maelstrom of Data - première at MONA.

fredag, June 10, 2016 - 19:00 to søndag, June 19, 2016 - 18:00

A performance installation by Nancy Mauro-Flude

A 21st century Dada WIFI Salon. Join the performance as the Pyrate Queen sets sail on her maiden voyage.
Presented Museum of Old and New Art - DARK MOFO and Contemporary Art Tasmania

To experience the artwork remote audiences can register http://enter.divination.cc

Performance – Maiden voyage
--> 10 June 19:00 <--
--> Location: Dark Park Goods Shed <--
There will be sea shanties, frigging' in the rigging' and a jolly roger or three.
Ongoing Installation exhibited for the duration of DARK MOFO 10–19 June 2016

Divination is traditionally a method of visualising events that are not immediately physically observable. The artwork Divination highlights the ease of access to so-called private data and offers an alternative view of information we transmit on a daily basis. The audience network traffic transmissions feeds into the artwork. The event will explore bot behaviour in a satirical way as non human actors manifest as pirate girls. Pirate Girls wade through network traffic leaving a glowing dystopia of exploited data in their wake.

By actively operating a network as a performance tool, the artwork interrupts the flow of our user experience, illuminating the complexity of uninformed consent strategies. Pirate girls as chatbots highlight how technical agents that observe and act performatively have become increasingly inconspicuous. Reappraising privacy through a performative lens, the work exploits the opt in strategies of consumer culture. There are many ways we willingly sacrifice privacy in exchange for convenience and leave data trails behind: Facebook, Instagram, Loyalty Cards, Terms of Use, Location Tracking. These trails are revealed as data visualisations which allow the Pyrate Queen to navigate her ship via the coded constellations in the projected sky.

Divination is a complex puzzle and yet despite this, hy work orientates audience towards a formidable subject – the strategies of data retention, intelligence and mass marketing. Paradoxically, the Pyrate Queen places herself and us (as artist and audience) in positions oddly analogous to antagonists/protagonists within these structures. As Divination aesthetically trawls through data, metadata, analytics and profiling, you may even find yourself trying to make sense of what is actually at stake when a networked entity (chatbot / pirate girl) is given control of your privacy.

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