ONLINE Writing Intensive with Michael Schwab

27.03.2020 - 10:00 to 12:00
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MFA 1st year

Teacher: Michael Schwab
Online Location: KiT ZOOM ROOM (invitation sent weekly via email to each participant)

“Writing is not just practice, but itself creative work, a constructive process that enables the emergence of the new and the unforeseen. What is the role of writing in artistic research and what type of voices may emerge?” (Society for Artistic Research 2016).

In this writing intensive, Michael looks at how artistic creation as a form of practice, embodies new knowledge that can be expanded upon in written form; writing as practice, including through non traditional forms of expression and rich media.

Michael Schwab is a London-based artist and artistic researcher who investigates postconceptual uses of technology in a variety of media including writing, photography, drawing, printmaking, and installation art. He holds a M.A. in philosophy (Hamburg University) and a PhD in photography (Royal College of Art, London) that focuses on post-conceptual post-photography and artistic research methodology. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), co-editor of Intellectual Birdhouse. Artistic Practice as Research. (2012), co-editor of The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia (2013), editor of the book Experimental Systems. Future Knowledge in Artistic Research (2015) as well as the editor of Transpositions. Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in Artistic Research. (2018). His most recent book, Futures of the Contemporary. Contemporaneity, Untimeliness, and Artistic Research, co-edited with Paulo de Assis, was published in 2019. Through a focus on experimentation and the exposition of practice as research, Schwab has developed a conceptual approach that links artistic freedom with academic criticality in support of what has been called the 'practice turn in contemporary theory’.

Society for Artistic Research, ‘Conference 2016: WRITING‘, Research Catalogue (05/01/2016) [accessed 19/02/2020]

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